Educational Trip
June 23, 2020
Green-Tech Asia Award (Nano-Technology)
June 23, 2020

Celebration of Charles Darwin Birthday (12th Feb)
‘Creation, 2020’

The students of ‘Department of Biological Sciences’ organized an event in the fond memory of ‘Charles Darwin’ on his birthday. As a part of this event, the students participated in various activities to highlight the ‘Theory of Evolution’ (which is the foundation of all biological sciences) and its unparalleled importance to the existence of all living forms. Almost all the students of the department took part in different activities of the event.
The main aim of SDP was to make the students aware of the contributions of Charles Darwin in understanding the evolution of life and also the application of this theory in today’s living world including the evolution of coronavirus. The strategy of ‘Learning by Doing’ was applied for the development of conceptual understanding of the students. The different activities included audio-visual glimpse into the life of Charles Darwin, relevance of Evolution theory to modern lives through power point presentations and skits followed by quiz competition.

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