National Online Conference on Environment, Human Health, and Sustainable Development Goals, and World Environment Day Celebration 2020 (05th & 6th June, 2020)

National Science day celebration at G D Goenka University
March 6, 2020
Talk on Bio-entrepreneurship
June 23, 2020

Outcome Report

National Online Conference on Environment, Human Health, and Sustainable Development Goals, and World Environment Day Celebration 2020

(05th & 6th June, 2020)

School of Basic and Applied Sciences (SoBAS),

School of Agricultural Sciences (SoAS) &

Environment & Social Development Association (ESDA), New Delhi

Aim: Organization and participation in National Online Conference (NOC2020) and World Environment Day Celebration 2020.

Event Convener: Professor (Dr.) Ram-Krishna Thakur, Dean (SoBAS)

Event Coordinator: Dr. Parveen Kumar, Asst. Professor (SoBAS)

Members of Organizing Committee:

Dr. Anindita Roy Choudhary (SoBAS)

Dr. Sunita Negi (SoBAS)

Dr. Sonika Sethi (SoBAS)

Dr. Priyanka Sharma (SoBAS)

Dr. Soumita Talukdar (SoBAS)

Dr. Raunak Dhanker (SoBAS)

Dr. Shashank Shivaji Kamble (SoBAS)

Dr. Renu Singh (SoBAS)

Ms. Pawanjeet Kaur (SoBAS)

Ms. Prerna Sharma (SoBAS)

Dr. Jaswinder Kaur (SoAS)

Dr. Jyoti Ahlawat (SoAS)

Dr. Abul K. Azad (SoAS)

Participants: UG, PG students, & Research Scholars of SoBAS & SoAS

Total Participants: 72 (Faculties -14 & Students – 58)

NOC 2020 and World Environment Day Celebration is organized in online mode (Zoom & Google Meet) on 5th – 6th June, 2020. This event is organized by Environment and Social Development Association (ESDA) in collaboration with GD Goenka University Gurugram as Knowledge Partner. The event also involved active participation from CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College, University of Delhi, Amity University Gurugram, Dr RML Avadh University, Ayodhya and JNU Alumunai Association.

A group of 72 participants (students and faculties) from School of Basic and Applied Sciences (SoBAS) and School of Agricultural Sciences (SoAS), G. D. Goenka University participated in NOC 2020 under leadership of Professor (Dr.) Ram-Krishna Thakur. Fourteen faculties of SoBAS & SoAS have contributed significantly as part of Organizing Team of NOC 2020.


  • To give participants exposure and learning experience at national online platform.

  • To develop understanding of environmental health & sustainable development goals.

  • To know about significance of world environment day celebration for proactive environmental protection.

  • To know about research developments in environmental protection.


  • The participants showed huge interest and attended various sessions of online event.

  • The participants interacted with eminent persons for understanding of environmental issues.

  • The participants learnt about new developments in environmental research.

  • The participants won excellent prizes in various activities.

Future Scope:

  • The students can incorporate principles of sustainability and environmental protection for future endeavors.

  • Similar events can be organized with collaboration with ESDA at G. D. Goenka University.

The important points out of the event are as below:

  • General VK Singh, Chief Guest spoke about the integrated approach towards attaining the goal of sustainable development during the inaugural session. Sustainable development requires awareness and effort from people. Prof. P.B. Sharma highlighted the importance of sustainable development as an approach to satisfy the demands of an ever growing population in an eco-friendly manner. The inaugural session ended with Vote of Thanks by Professor Dr. R.K. Thakur.

  • The conference focused on the theme of Air Pollution, Water Conservation, Waste Management, COVID-19 Pandemic, Clean and Green energy, Climate Change and Human Health sustainable agriculture, Environmental Biotechnology & microbiology, biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services, Citizen Environmental Activism, Environment health diseases, and Sustainable Development Goals.

  • The conference received participation from more than 23 Sates of India. More than 890 registered participants, 65 volunteers, 50 faculties or speakers actively participated in various activities in 12 technical sessions. NOC 2020 received a total of 393 abstracts, involved 148 oral presentations, 180 poster presentations. There are also organized activities like E-essay writing (186), slogan writing (112), handmade poster drawing (207) and innovative ideas (68) as part of National e-Competition on the occasion of World Environment Day 2020.

  • Professor Dr. R.K. Thakur is honored with Certificate of Excellence for significant contribution in organization of NOC 2020. He also chaired one session of Invited Speakers of NOC 2020. Dr. Parveen Kumar (Asst. Professor, SoBAS) is honored with Certificate of Appreciation for his significant contribution in organization of NOC 2020. He has hosted and moderated three technical sessions and chaired Poster Presentation Session of NOC 2020.

  • The GDGU participants have contributed significantly in nearly all activities and won exciting prizes. Mr. Sanjay Prakash Kaushik (Ist Prize, Student), Dr. Jasvinder Kaur (3rd Prize, SoAS faculty), and Ms. Pawanjeet Kaur (3rd Prize, SoBAS research scholar) won prizes in various oral presentation sessions. Ms. Deepa (Research Scholar, SoBAS) won 3rd prize in poster presentation session. Bharti (2nd Prize/ E-essay writing/SoBAS), Arbaj Khan (Consolation Prize/ Slogan Writing/SoBAS), Muchakala Praveen (Ist Prize/ Innovative Idea/ Research Proposal/SoAS) and Sahil Sharma (Consolation prize/ Innovative Idea/ Research Proposal/SoAS) also came out as winners.

  • Professor Dr. R.K. Thakur started the valedictory session by thanking all the dignitaries and attendees who made this conference a big success despite of the pandemic situation in the country. He urged everyone to create social awareness and concern amongst individuals and also reminded them that character of a person is more important than the skills one possesses. He also highlighted the need for everyone’s contribution towards nation rebuilding which should be treated as out Dharma. He also congratulated everyone on world environment day and urged everyone to inspire generation towards the preservation of mother earth.

  • Dr. Rajendra Singh (Waterman of India, Chief Guest, Magsaysay Award (2001) and Stockholm Water Prize (2015) spoke about his efforts in raising the groundwater levels in the so called “Dark Zones” of India. He urged people to stop talking and start working towards preserving the nature. Professor (Dr.) P.B. Sharma, VC Amity University Haryana, highlighted the importance of nature centric economy by using an integrative approach. Finally, he thanked Professor R K Thakur for making this conference, a big success. The session concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. Jitendra K. Nagar (Secretary, ESDA).

  • Professor (Dr.) Ram-Krishna Thakur, Dean (SoBAS) and Professor (Dr.) Sahadeva Singh, Associate Dean (SoAS) have played important role for participation of students and faculties in NOC 2020. They motivated participants for larger participation. I would like to express my sincere thanks to them for continued guidance and support throughout planning and execution of this visit.

  • Finally, the permission and all necessary support received from higher authorities at G. D. Goenka University for participation in NOC 2020 is highly acknowledged.

    Dr. Parveen Kumar

    Event Coordinator

    Asst. Professor (III) – Environmental Science,

    School of Basic & Applied Sciences (SoBAS),

    G. D. Goenka University



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