Jagriti Gaba

Lecturer: Department of Physics


Professional Biography

Jagriti Gaba is an expert in the area of classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, engineering physics and fundamentals of physics. She taught these subjects for nearly five years at different universities and colleges such as G D Goenka University, World College of Technology and Management and Rohtak Institute of Engineering and Management.

Prior to taking up the current role in 2020, Jagriti Gaba performed a wide range of course design and lesson planning instructions, evaluating and grading student’s classwork, laboratory work, assignments and papers. She also worked as a member of the examination department, which mainly deal with the appointment of paper setters, preparation of examination schedules and conduct of examinations.

Jagriti Gaba pursuing her Ph.D. in Physics from G D Goenka University. She holds an M.Phil. with specialization in physics from the Maharishi Markandeshwar University; M.Sc. Physics from the Maharishi Dayanand University; and B.Sc. from Maharishi Dayananad University.

Current Research

Jagriti Gaba current research interests are focused on astrophysics. The goals of astrophysics are to discover how the universe works, explore how it began and evolved, and search for life on planets around other stars. Research in astrophysics requires a broad foundation of knowledge in fundamental physics, classical mechanics, electromagnetism, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, relativity etc.

Contribution to Profession and Awards

Life Time Member of Indian Association of Physics Teachers

Current Research

Jagriti Gaba is currently working on astrophysics.

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