Established within the School of Basic and Applied Sciences (SoBAS), the Department of Physics has its roots in teaching and research. The department offers programmes at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. The undergraduate programme is aimed to instill in students an interest in the understanding of the fundamental laws of Physics besides fostering a creative spirit to be successful in a wide range of professions. The postgraduate programme prepares students for a teaching/research career in academia or industry. With emphasis on concepts of Physics, the programme is designed to introduce advance ideas and techniques that are applicable in different domains.

The various courses of Physics provides an in-depth understanding of theoretical and experimental dimensions of Physics. Upon completion of the various programmes of the department, the students are expected to function effectively in multidisciplinary teams by working cooperatively and creatively with responsibility as an individual as well as a team member. The students of the department will be equipped to apply and contribute skills and knowledge innovatively in societal and environmental contexts and thus, facilitate sustainable development in various issues related to health, technical, legal and cultural aspects.

Regular interactions among the faculty members and the researchers is the key for a vibrant interdisciplinary environment of the department. The areas of research interests and expertise spans a wide range including Accelerator Physics , Astrophysics , Computational Biophysics , Condensed Matter Physics , Cryogenics , Electronics , Instrumentation , Low temperature Physics , Nanotechnology , Optics, Spectroscopy , UHV Surface Physics etc. covering both theoretical and experimental aspects. The faculty members of the department are also involved in various sponsored research projects.

The department has a distinctive academic curriculum and practices transfer of knowledge through scholarly activities, interdisciplinary project based learning, state-of-the-art laboratories etc. Students of the various programmes undertake summer internship and major projects in their final semesters for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at institutes of repute. Department of Physics recognizes the need for lifelong learning to enhance its competence in the context of scientific and technological change and thus, be successful to nurture the appreciation for the beauty of physics. Browse our website to know more about academic programmes and research interests of the individual faculty members.

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