Chemistry encompasses the study of matter, its properties and its interaction with various forms of energy. Chemistry is in the core of everything from our daily chores to launching space shuttles. Therefore, knowledge of chemistry is essential for every professional.

The chemistry courses currently running in the Department are B.Sc. (H) Chemistry an under-graduate level, M.Sc. Chemistry at the post-graduate level and Doctoral programme in Chemistry. The B.Sc. syllabus emphasizes learning of chemical principles in theory as well as their experimental aspects. After an introductory course in chemical structure and properties, students will take foundational level courses that will show how chemical structure can be used to explain physical, organic, inorganic and biochemical reactions and how these chemicals and their reactions can be quantitated and modelled mathematically. The students will conduct a series of experiments in the laboratories equipped with modern instrumentation and computers, where they will learn important techniques and skills in synthesis, analysis, separation and modelling of chemical reactions. The students undertake various research projects under the mentorship of faculty members in the institute or external mentors for their bachelor’s level dissertation.

The M.Sc. Syllabus covers the advanced theories and applications in all the major areas of chemistry viz. Organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. The students are exposed to a rigorous research activity in the department as well as in other institutes and laboratories for their master’s level dissertation. The curriculum provides a strong foundation for doctoral work in chemistry, biochemistry and other chemistry-related areas for positions as chemists and scientist in industry, medical and health sciences and teaching at school and junior college level.

The Department of Chemistry is carrying out impactful research in the field of coordination chemistry, nanotechnology, supra-molecular chemistry, environmental chemistry, polymer chemistry, catalysis and bio-chemistry, organic synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, QSAR studies etc. The department is also carrying out research in interdisciplinary topics by collaborating with various research institutes and laboratories.

We are also offering Postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetic Sciences, M.Sc. in Geology and M.Sc. in Environmental Science and Management from the academic year 2019-20.

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