Dr. Renu Singh

Assistant Professor: Department of Physics

Professional Biography

Renu Singh is an expert in the area of Spectroscopy. She has taught various subject of physics like electronics, atomic and molecular physics, mechanics, modern physics, atomic physics, solid state physics for nearly five years at different colleges and Universities such as NIT (Allahabad), Adesh group of Institute (Faridkot), BSA engineering college (Mathura), MSIT (Jankpuri), PDM University (NCR Delhi) and GD Goenka University(Haryana).

Renu Singh holds a PhD from Allahabad University; M.Sc. (Physics) and B.Sc. from the Allahabad University.

Publications (from 2015)

Scholarly Journals
‘Non-destructive phenotyping of chili pepper ripening using spectroscopic probes: a potential approach for shelf-life measurement’, Analytical Letters, 52 (10), pp. 1590-1613. (Sharma S., Bharti Sarika, Singh R. and Uttam K. N., 2019).

‘Label-free and rapid spectroscopic evaluation of ripening of Syzygium cumini fruit’ , Spectroscopy Letters, 50 (2), pp.115-123. (Sharma S., Srivastava S., Singh R. and Uttam K. N., 2017).

Scholarly Conference Proceedings ‘Differential pressure and its application’, 6th National Conference on “Advances in Metrology”, AdMet-2020, National Physical Laboratory, Delhi, India. (Chanchal, and Singh, R., 5-6 January 2020), pp. 22.

‘Study of the chlorophyll fluorescence quenching induced by gold nanoparticles’, DAE-BRNS National Laser Symposium, NLS-24), RRCAT, Indore, India. (Sharma, S., Bharti S., Singh R., and Uttam K.N., 2-5 December 2015).

Current Research

Renu Singh’s current research interests are focused on Spectroscopy of Biomolecules and Nanomaterials.

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