Dr. Mainak Basu

Assistant Professor-I


Qualification: Ph.D.(Tech.); M.Sc.(Instrumentation)
Teaching Experience 8 Months
Research Experience Pre-Doctoral: 6 Months;  Doctoral: 5 Years, 2 Months  Post-Doctoral: 1 Year, 9 Months
Honours/Awards 1.    Newton Bhabha Fellowship for Ph.D. Internship at Dept. of Aeronautics, Imperial College, UK, 2015.

2.    Triguna Sen Memorial Award for Best Paper at National Symposium on Recent Trends in Instrumentation Science and Technology, 2015.

3.    Best Doctoral Thesis Presentation, Intl. Conf. on Innovation in Engineering and Management, 2013.

4.    DST-INSPIRE Fellowship for Ph.D., 2012.

5.    Gold Medal in M.Sc.(Instrumentation), 2010.

6.    Winner of Seminar Competition, National Workshop on the ‘Life and Works of Sir J. C. Bose in the perspective of modern Science & Technology’, 2009.

Research Interests Astronomical, Robotic, Bio-Enhancement, Energy and Aerospace Instrumentation.

Neuromorphic, Analog, Optical and Quantum Computation and Computer Architecture.

Embedded Fiber Optic Sensors, Hybrid Sensing Techniques, Structural Health Monitoring and Active Liquid Optics.

Smart and Multi-functional Materials

Teaching Interests Sensors and Transducers, Space Dynamics, Computer Architecture, Fiber Optics, Soft-Computation Techniques, Instrumentation, Optics, Avionics
Subject Taught in last Five years Analog Systems and Applications, Digital Systems and Applications, Statistical Mechanics, Experimental Techniques
Publications (Best 5) 1.    Soumya Sidhishwari, Mainak Basu and S.K. Ghorai, “A Modal interference-based Fiber Optic Sensor for Dual Parameter Measurement using an Artificial Neural Network,” Optical Fiber Technology, Vol.: 50, pp. 216-224, 2019.

ISSN: 1068-5200, d.o.i.: 10.1016/j.yofte.2019.03.026.

2.    Mainak Basu and S. K. Ghorai, ”An Optical Soft-Sensor based Shape Sensing using a Bio-inspired Pattern Recognition Technique to Realize Fly-By-Feel Capability for Intelligent Aircraft Operation,”  The Aeronautical Journal,  Vol.: 122(1257), pp. 1734-1752, 2018.

ISSN: 2059-6464,  d.o.i.: 10.1017/aer.2018.97

3.    Mainak Basu and S. K. Ghorai, “Sequential Interrogation of Multiple FBG Sensors using LPG modulation and an Artificial Neural Network,” Measurement Science Technology, Vol.: 26 (4), 2015.

ISSN: 1361-6501, d.o.i.: 10.1088/0957-0233/26/4/045104

4.    Mainak Basu and S. K. Ghorai, “Strain Sensing in Fiber Reinforced Polymer Laminates using embedded fiber Bragg grating sensor,”  Fiber and Integrated Optics,  Vol.: 33(4), pp. 279-298, 2014.

ISSN: 1096-4681, d.o.i.: 10.1080/01468030.2014.906686

5.    Garima Singh, Mainak Basu and S. K. Ghorai, “Interrogation of FBG sensors using LPG and Artificial Neural Network”, Proc. of IEEE sponsored International Conference on Green Computing, Communication and Electrical Engineering – ICGCCEE-14, held at Coimbatore, March 6-8, 2014.