Lakshika Chutani

Assistant Professor


Qualification: Ph.D (submitted) , Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, University of Delhi.

M.Sc Mathematics, Hansraj College, University of Delhi.

Teaching Experience 8 Months
Research Experience 5 Years
Honours/Awards 1.      L. Chutani, “A Study of certain results for a class of Entire Dirichlet series in n- variables”, Awarded the ISCA Best Poster Presentation Award at the 103rd Indian Science Congress, January 03-07, 2016, held at University of Mysore , Mysore.

2.      L. Chutani, “ FK space and Frechet space  for a class of Entire Dirichlet series in two variables”, Awarded the V.M. Shah Award at the 81st Annual Conference of  Indian Mathematical Society (IMS), December 27-30, 2015, held at VNIT , Nagpur.

3.      L. Chutani “ Growth and Bornological properties for vector valued Entire Dirichlet series” nominated for Young Scientist’s Award programme at the 105th  Indian Science Congress, March 16-20, 2018, held at Manipur Central university , Imphal.

Research Interests On some growth properties and functional analytic structures of entire Dirichlet series in several complex variables.
Teaching Interests Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Topology, Functional Analysis
Subject Taught In Last Five Years Algebra, Advanced Abstract Algebra, Basic Mathematics, Calculus, Analysis, Complex Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Matrix and Differential Equations
Publications (Best 5) 1.      Lakshika Chutani and Niraj Kumar, On a class of Entire function represented by the Dirichlet series in two variables, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2018.

2.      Niraj Kumar and  Lakshika Chutani, Proper Bases for  a class of  Dirichlet series analytic in half plane, Scientia Magna, 2017.

3.      Lakshika Chutani , Niraj Kumar and Garima Manocha, On a class of vector-valued Entire Dirichlet series in n – variables , Acta et  commentationes Universitaties tartuensis, 2017.

4.      Niraj Kumar , Lakshika Chutani and Garima Manocha, Certain results on a class of Entire Dirichlet series in two variables, Scientia Magna, 11( 2 ),  33-40, 2016.

5.      Niraj Kumar and  Lakshika Chutani , On a class of Entire Dirichlet series in n – variables , American Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 2016.